Hypocrisy of FOX News and Google

The FOXNews report – quoting Google – that Pakistan is at No 1 in using porn sites at the Internet is false and showed inaccurate data when it comes to identifying searches from various regions, said Pakistan’s Internet association.

There are 1.5 to 1.8 billion Internet users worldwide and Pakistan has only 5 to 8 million Internet users, less than 0.5% of global users and Internet penetration is less than 5% of total population, Wahajus Siraj, spokesman for Internet Service Providers Association of Pakistan (ISPAK), said in a statement issued here on Friday.

The FOXNews story refers to Google Insights and Google Trends, he said, adding, Google Trends shows the searches coming from countries as well as their cities. In some searches like “how to make bomb”, New Zealand ranks No 1 and one of its cities is at No 2. This shows that if a country is ranking number one in a global search, some its cities should also be among top ranking cities. But if someone searched “horse sex” as reported in the story, Pakistan is at the top whereas none of Pakistani city is among the top ten. Similarly if someone tries all other words reported in the story, Pakistan comes on top but its cities don’t come on the top 10. This means that this data is badly managed and fabricated.

He said that if one goes to Google Insight and uses key porn words as mentioned in the story, Pakistan comes on the top. But if word “optical fiber” is typed, Pakistan also comes at No 2. Not many Internet users even know what fiber optic means and have little interest in it. Similarly, if word “missile” is typed, Pakistan again comes on the top. For word “nuclear”, Pakistan is on top again. For word laser printer, Pakistan is on sixth ranking and for “wimax”, Pakistan is on 4th number.

Anyone having little knowledge can understand that not many Pakistanis would be using these sophisticated and high tech searches. This means that data and analysis of Google is false and not correct.

Now if someone is searching Google for a particular porn website, the user must be viewing that site. If websites with key words reported in the FOX story are searched in the Google and then their names are matched from the Google’s own record of users accessing that site from a particular country, those websites are not accessed from Pakistan but from the USA and other countries.

The data from another renowned ranking site, alexa.com, that ranks top sites accessed from a country does not show any pornographic site among top 40 websites frequently accessed from Pakistan. Top website accessed from Pakistan is Google, followed by Youtube, Facebook and others.

Siraj said: “We demand an immediate apology from FOXNews for exploiting the data to let 170 million Pakistani people down as part of wicked campaign against Pakistan and also from Google on showing these wrong statistics and to correct its indexing.

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