Education in Jammu & Kashmir

Given below is the population and list of in that part of State Jammu & Kashmir which is under unlawful aggressive occupation of India

Population – 1,01,43,700 (as per census 2001).
Male – 53,60,926
Female – 47,82,774

Universities in Kashmir

1.University of Kashmir (Med,Eng,PhD)
2.Islamic University of Science and Technology Kashmir(PhD).
3.Agriculture University(PhD)
4.Trans world Muslim University (at its earlier stages)
5.Central University (Under Construction)
Two open universities
1.Maulana Azad URDU national open university
2. Indira Gandhi National open University

Universities in Jammu

1.University of Jammu(Med, Eng,PhD)
2.Baba gulam shah badshah university(PhD)
3.Shri mata veshno devi university(PhD)
4.Agriculture university (PhD)
5. Khalisa University


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