God’s Foot-prints

On the “Day of Judgment”, human beings are presented before God. The conversation goes like this

Man, “O God, You are Forgiver and Kind”
God, “It is so.”

Man, “You are Omni-Powerful.”
God, “No doubt about that.”

Man, “You are the Giver.”
God, “I am what I have revealed.”

Man, “You love your creation (man) more than 70 times of love that a mother has for her child.”
God, “My love has no limits and I love all my creations.”

Man, “My mother used to worry on slightest trouble to me and would not be at rest till she was satisfied that I was O.K.”
God, “I had kept this instinct of immense love in your mother. Your mother looked after you so well as I willed. So, you know now how much I cared for you?”

Man, “Oh no.”
God, “What happened?”

Man, “Did you care for me always?”
God, “No doubt about that. I always cared for you.”

Then the man refers to some troubles that he faced in his life and complains to God

Man, “At these testing times, you left me alone.”
God, “Not at all. There was no question of leaving you alone.”
Man, “Then why I faced those difficulties?”

God directs an Angel to bring record of the foot-prints and show that to the man. Soon foot prints start appearing on a movie film like screen, a pair of foot prints of man and with them a pair of foot prints of God. This was the record of man’s total life.

The man looks on curiously all along the film and finding a few places having only one pair of foot prints, protests

Man, “I had referred to these times where there is only one pair of foot prints. I was left alone at these occasions.”

God, “You are mistaken. Where you see only one pair of foot prints, those are mine because at those difficult times of your life, I had lifted you in my arms. If I had not hidden you in my lap in those times, you would have not been able to face the situation.”

On this the man starts bitterly crying. His crying indicated his repentance and realization of his fault.

Human beings are prone to complain of small problems but they forget the treasures that God gives them without asking.

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