Blatant Lies of USA Administration

Former President of USA, George Walker Bush said, “Reality is what we say.” But the facts on ground prove it otherwise.

USA claimed presence of WMDs in Iraq and declared it to be the reason for attacking Iraq. Not a trace of WMDs was found. The reason, in fact, was to capture oil resources of Iraq which was done by murdering hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqi men, women and children.

The USA claimed that Saudi men had hijacked three planes on September 11, 2001, two of which hit the WTC Twin Towers and one headed towards Washington. On this false premise, Osama Bin Laden was blamed and Afghanistan was attacked and destroyed by US and her allies thereby killing hundreds of thousands of innocent Afghani men, women and children, and the killing spree continues.

Let us see how for the blame that Saudi men hijacked the planes was true.

An Extract from the Book “Religious Freedom in Saudi Arabia’” written by: Salih Al-Husayyin

Thirty hours had not passed since the shocking, unlawful events of September 11, 2001, before television screens across the United States and the world were saturated with the images of two ‘pilots’ – two young men from Saudi Arabia, Amir Bukhari and Adnan Bukhari. These images, repeatedly flashed in the global media, suggested the American authorities had discovered the identities of two of the pilots, both Saudi nationals, who had crashed their respective aircraft into the World Trade Centre towers in New York, as well as the Pentagon in Washington. When it subsequently came to light that Adnan Bukhari was in fact alive and well, and that his brother Amir Bukhari had actually died in the United States a year prior to the attacks, few learned the truth. Fewer people still knew that at as the image of Adnan Bukhari were flashing across the screen, he was in the custody of American intelligence services and incapable of defending himself until long after the presumption of guilt was firmly established.

Shortly after 9/11, the world also came to ‘know’ that American authorities had identified the hijackers – nineteen Muslims, eleven of whom were Saudi nationals. Thereafter, their full identities were revealed, alongside their photographs, in the media and posted on the walls of all international airports. However, many of these suspects managed to rebut these reports by contacting newspapers and announcing that they were still very much alive. Within ten days, it emerged that at least eight of the suspected identified as participants in the attacks were actually still alive!

The passport of a ninth suspect was presented by the American administration as proof that a Saudi national had been amongst the hijackers. This despite the fact that it was highly unlikely for a passerby to discover an intact, unblemished passport in the debris of an incinerated aircraft several days after it crashed. As this official account gradually faded, the mystery of how this sole passport of a missing passenger, who was Muslim and a Saudi national, reached the American authorities remains an enigma.

Nevertheless, the walls of international airports in the U.S. continued to be decorated with the photographs of these “living dead” for a remarkable length of time. The news media remained silent, despite its responsibility for propagating misinformation about these individuals. The media was fully capable of rectifying these errors, though that may have led to questions about the American administration’s ability to handle the incident.

Less than a month after 9/11, letters laced with artificially synthesized anthrax germs, featuring the message ‘Death to Israel! Death to America! Allah is the Greatest!’, were sent to members of Congress and journalists. Thereafter, American politicians and journalists professed that terrorists had the ability to manufacture biological weapons, and had begun to use them. Fear entered into every home in North America, relevant vaccines ran short, and the postal system was altered.

However, an expert on biological weapons, Barbara Rosenberg, would not be the first to discover that the powder enclosed in the envelopes was actually a product of an American military laboratory. This was a fact the American administration of George W. Bush knew full well from the time that the letters first surfaced.

So what was the motive behind the Bush Administration deluding the world into believing that it was Saudi pilots who had been responsible for this crime while it knew the truth? What was the motive behind the American administration hoodwinking the world into believing that it was eight or more Saudis that were responsible for this crime when, in fact, they were still alive? The American administration did not revise their initial official account about the 9/11 tragedy event even after certain facts later came to light. If their account was based on factual evidence, why was false evidence needed to support it?

The reputations of the 9/11 “living dead” were tarnished internationally in a manner unprecedented in history. The presence of the definitive evidence mentioned above establishes various aspects of governmental liability, enough for any fair minded judge to order compensation or damages to the accused. So why wasn’t the conscience of a single American stirred enough to remedy the harm caused by this injustice by, at the very least, apologising?

Is it because the honour of a Muslim is not respected on the same level as other human beings? Or is it because an apology would have drawn attention to the reality behind the whole sordid affair? Moreover, why did the Bush Administration leave the American public in a state of panic and terror for a more than a month, and not disclose to them the reality it knew from day one? They, in fact, continued to embellish facts so every American citizen came to believe they were at risk of an impending act of ‘Islamic biological terrorism.’

In a democratic country, is it not strange that not a single citizen out of 300 million questioned the government regarding the potential harm they faced due to their leaders penchant for suppressing the truth? Is not an examination of this depressing public response regarding these facts enough to show us how, at the end of time, people will believe in the anti-Christ and concur with him without the benefit of an accurate assessment revealing the truth?

I had initially embarked on this work in the wake of a report that was issued by the U.S. State Department on International Religious Freedom for the year 2005. Later, certain additions were included and, as the reader will see, the initial input of the author and his specific opinions has largely disappeared.

I have limited myself to citing specific, documented facts. It is hoped that this will help the reader assess the credibility of the State Department’s religious freedom reports, and that readers might find answers to other questions periodically raised in examining similar reports