Feminist Enlightenment

There is a fine line between a faith and the indoctrinated ideology available around. A person may be a Muslim yet he may be a capitalist or Marxist. Therefore, I may put up a question here, would it require a Muslim to alter his faith only to live in the so-called “modern times” of capitalism?

Yes, Sultan of Medina, Muhammad (PBUH) talked about the liberation of women in the known Arab world, while setting the benchmarks for all the times to come, even for today’s feminists. Yet, Rasool Allah’s (PBUH) words meant protection of femininity of women, not transforming the feminism into feMALISM (i.e. treating women physically equal to men) which is prevalent today. And in my view, perhaps, a misunderstood concept by the “Feminists”.

The quoted academicians namely Prof Irfan Habib and Dr Asghar Ali Engineer, respectively, may be well known in India. But I, being a Pakistani and having travelled around a Muslim world, never heard such names. Therefore, I would not like to comment upon the authenticity of such personalities. However, when we claim that religions to be man-made set of beliefs, formalized to lead a societies around the world, the question that may become a potent threat for feminists movement / academicians / theorists as to what level of respect or understanding the feminists have for “Divinity” or “Divine Nature” for religions? I would consider an obliviousness upon part of such movements to negate something which has been there and going to remain forever.

Having said so, the very foundation of feminists movement, will have to be reconsidered. Which, unfortunately, has been based upon the “illogical concept of evolution” leading to a Greek mythology of “materialism” a.k.a “man-made set of beliefs to control societies”.

I hope my point of views shed some light to drift your thoughts in a direction of setting up a society which not only meets the modern day challenges but it brings peace and harmony within the human society as a whole.

Islam is not a conservative religion and I, being a Muslim, am not a cognitively closed human being. In fact, I consider myself a hyper advance human being equipped to meet the challenges of time and space, physical and meta-physical world. A hyper-advance human is some one who absorbs the facts of his environment and yet he works to bring peace and security in the society among civilizations, without negating “Divinity” as “man made set of beliefs”.

Written by Qasim Butt in reply to an e-mail from a torch bearer of feminism.


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