Skills in the Country named Pakistan

Pakistan is a country having within it’s boundaries sub-ocean-level land near the sea shore, sandy desert, green plains, plateau, hills and the world’s highest snow-covered mountains.

All sorts of and the best vegetables and fruits grow in it.

It has al types of weather, hot, warm, cold, freezing, rainy, snowy, dust storms, hail storms, etc.

Living in such a land and facing severe climates, the people are hard-working and intelligent.

The only problem is with it’s Rulers who, for the past 12 years have been serving U S Administration’s wishes in stead of serving their own people. Taking active part in so-called War on Terror, they have killed thousands of their own people most of whom were innocent, in fact, have spread Terrorism.

Two small examples of skill Common Man in Pakistan

Home-made Aircraft

Home-made Helicopter

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