Solidarity Day

The Pakistani nation across the country including Azad Jammu & Kashmir marks the February 5, as solidarity day in a befitting manner to pay homage to martyrs of state Jammu & Kashmir and express unity with struggling people of Indian occupied part of the state in their struggle for freedom from Indian subjugation.

Pakistan had been marking the day since 1990 to highlight the plight of people of the state Jammu & Kashmir for their birth right to self-determination promised to them by the international community through Resolutions of U N Security Council and make it realize of its obligation of ensuring a UN sponsored plebiscite in the state according to the wishes of the people of the state.

Solidarity Day was first observed in 1990 when nation collectively prayed for the Kashmiri freedom movement’s success and later it was declared as a national holiday.

Symbolically, the Kashmir valley is known as “heaven on earth” which showcases stunning natural beauty, heavenly glimpses of different seasons and popular for its rare arts and crafts.

While after the illegal occupation of a big part of Jammu & Kashmir state by Indian army, the heaven of Kashmir valley was enclosed in barbed wires drenched in blood which raised the issue of human rights violation in Jammu & Kashmir.

Kashmir problem is unfinished agenda of partition plan of 1947 which has divided Pakistan and India into two separate independent states.

Under the plan state Jammu & Kashmir was part of Pakistan but unfortunately soon after independence India occupied the state and kept people of the territory under its yoke. However, freedom struggle started in the state and the Kashmiri freedom fighters liberated part of the state Jammu & Kashmir from Indian occupation which is known as Azad Jammu & Kashmir.

The day protests against Indian occupation of part of the state Jammu & Kashmir which is also an issue in bilateral relations of Pakistan and India since 1947.


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