Story of ‘Husband & Wife’

It was the evening of 6th September. Aisha was waiting for her husband Ahmed to return from office. Things had changed since their marriage. From the loving couple they turned into fighting ones. They quarreled everyday on every small thing. Aisha gave up thinking that Ahmed still loves her and surely won’t be back home on time.

Ahmed too didn’t like how the things were going. She was so loving & caring in the initial days of marriage, but now everything had changed so radically. Yet they still loved each other.

It was 5:00 p.m. The bell rang Aisha was surprisingly happy. Ahmed had come home earlier than his normal time. She ran to open the door. Indeed Ahmed was standing outside. He was smiling and had a bunch of flowers at his hand. The two then started reliving their beautiful days,making up for their quarrels.

But the moment came to a slight pause.. The phone in the bedroom was ringing.. Quite agitated Aisha went to pick up the phone. It was a man on the other side..”Hello madam I am calling from the police station.Is it Mr Ahmed Malik’s number???”

”Yeah, it is”

There was an accident and a man died. We got your number from the man’s purse.We need you to come here and identify the body..”

Aisha’s heart sank. “Whhhhaaat?? B-but my husband is here with me”

”Sorry madam the accident took place at 3:00 p.m when the man was trying to board a bus”.

Aisha was about to lose her senses. How could this happen? She knew this type of things happened only in movies. She ran to the drawing room… Ahmed was not there. It is true? Has something that bad really happened to Ahmed??? Has he left her forever?? Oh God had she been given another chance she would have mended all her faults. She rolled down on the floor awe struck.

Suddenly there was noise from the bathroom.. Ahmed came out. “I forgot to tell you dear, my purse was stolen while I was returning home.”

Moral: Eventually, husband and wife, each will die. So now while alive, you should strive to be kind to each other and live a happy life.


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