Some Who are Born Muslim

Some who say that they were born – – – Into the Islamic fold
Allow the binding fear of God – – – To gradually lose its hold.
They early learn to fast and pray – – – And recite the Holy Book,
They make the Hajj and pay Zakat – – – And swine they will not cook.
So after this they proudly say – – – That they are Muslims true

And venture forth to western lands – – – Where Muslim men are few.
Their eyes and minds are then amazed – – – At everything they see,
And soon their hearts admire the men – – – Who cause such things to be.
But those men seek to make this world – – – Their haven of delight,
And therefore they create their own – – – Standards of wrong and right.

So when a Muslim looks to them – – – As models for all men,
Unwittingly he begins to slip – – – – – – Gradually into sin.
At first, perhaps, he misses a prayer – – – Or rushes one on through.
Then, busily pursuing the western ways – – – Perhaps he misses two.
He reads the Book a little less – – – And less he gives the poor;

The challenge to raise his standard of life – – – Now means a little more.
Perhaps he’ll even being to gamble – – – Or taste some wine or beer,
His acts distinguish him not from those – – – Who have no Godly fear.
The path he follows gradually leads – – – The way the worldly seek,
And his religion becomes a task – – – To practice once a week.
What! Six days he gives himself – – – And God he gives but one!
But still he claims to be a Muslim – – – ‘Cause he’s a Muslim’s son.

He who serves his own desires – – – But one place will he dwell;
God shall seize him by the neck – – – And throw him into Hell!
Your father’s nor your mother’s faith – – – Will save you from the Fire,
If you consider this world to be – – – Your innermost desire.
But wait! Wherever you are, your life – – – Can surely be turned around,
And the God you placed upon your tongue – – – Can in your heart be found.

Conversion not only occurs with those – – – Who do not know the way,
It occurs also with those well-versed – – – Who gradually go astray.
Forget, therefore, how you were born – – – God judges not your birth.
By the purity of your heart at death – – – Will He determine your worth.
Those who say that they were born – – – Into the Islamic fold,
Like others, they must submit themselves – – – As clay for God to mould.

By neQiniso Abdullah

A passionate Islamic worker in Texas who died in March, 2001
(from his book of Poetry “In Praise of Allah”)

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