Friendship of 7 decades couldn’t help

We became friends when we were little kids.
He (Saeed uz Zaffar) was 10 months older than me.
He had started living with us after death of his mother (sister of my father).
We used to play together.

I go in to the past as far as I can recall but fail to reach the date when our friendship started, should be 1946 or 1945.
Our friendship remained fast during all weathers and all environments.
During past 7 decades we didn’t quarrel or were angry with each other even once.
I have been praying for his good health nearly daily.

Friendship of about 7 decades couldn’t help and he left this world alone without even informing me a day before our festival, Eid ul Azha (yearly festival of Muslims related to sacrifice offered to God by Prophet Abraham which according to Lunar calendar fell on 05th October, 2014 in Pakistan).

Any way I still stand a good friend and will go on praying for his well-being wherever he is.


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