Will She Leave Sinful Life

She wanted to leave sinful life. The reason she gave was: she didn’t like to include forbidden sustenance in bread of her children. She is mother of two children. She vowed, “Though, no doubt, I have to face problems and complexities initially, but I am ready for that.”

She disclosed that she hailed from Lahore and had to look after two kids, a paralysed husband and her parents, and her in-laws are not resourceful to assist her family. She said, “My both children are receiving education in an English medium school and also receiving Quranic education from a seminary,”

She was speaking elegantly with believe in her eyes. When asked, “How she will face expenditures of her family after leaving this ‘profession’, her reply was surprising.
She said, “Punjab government has established a garment factory in Lahore, which provide jobs to helpless women on Rs14,000 monthly salary”.

This sort of initiative could prove a great step on part of the Punjab government to rescue helpless women from such sinful life. That should be first priority on part of the government as this will leave no excuse that one is left with no other option but to pursue sinful life.

(Based on article by Shakil Anjum published on April 14, 2015 in the News International)



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