Parents Protest the New Sex-ed Curriculum

Thousands of parents across the GTA pulled their children out of school to protest the new provincial sex-ed curriculum. Many of those parents, with kids in tow, demonstrated at Queen’s Park, outside of Premier Kathleen Wynne’s constituency office on Eglinton Ave. E., and at Thorncliffe Public School in Toronto Monday morning.

Of the nearly 1,350 students at Thorncliffe elementary school, about 1,220 failed to show up, the Toronto District School Board confirmed. Chanting “We say no” and “Loser, loser, Kathleen loser,” placard-waving protesters urged the province to back down on its new curriculum. Many of the parents raised concerns that some of the concepts will come too early for young children to understand. Others said the material clashes with their religious beliefs.

Abdul Azeem, the Thorncliffe school council chairman, said he pulled his children out of school for the week because he disagrees with the content of the new curriculum. The province is pushing an agenda that doesn’t sit well with many parents in this largely immigrant community, he said. “They’re trying to promote what 8% of the people (believe) and impose their lifestyles on 92% of the people,” Azeem insisted.

“Enough is enough. In a country like Canada, it’s secular, everyone has a right to live and have their freedom of speech. “They can do anything that they want … but don’t come in my house and talk to my kids and spoil their future.” Kimberly Cormier, who organized a protest at Queen’s Park for a group called Coalition of Concerned Parents, accused supporters of Wynne of “cyberbullying” parents opposed to the new curriculum.
“We are being bullied and picked on,” she said. “My message is that we need a voice. We need to be heard by Kathleen Wynne. She needs to stop bullying us. “A lot of the people who are for Kathleen Wynne have been cyberbullying us, calling us homophobes, extremists and terrorists. There are people from every culture here. We are Canadians.”

Education Minister Liz Sandals said Monday she’s concerned about the children being pulled from school over the curriculum. “If parents pull their kids out of school, that means they’re missing English, they’re missing math, they’re missing science, they’re missing social studies,” Sandals said.

Courtesy: Toronto Sun

2 thoughts on “Parents Protest the New Sex-ed Curriculum

  1. Parents Protest the “New Sex-ed Curriculum”

    Here is my Comment and Opinion as per above.

    A human has two qualities, either it is to submit to God or to rebel against him.

    The religious scriptures were meant to be the moral code for human beings in the ancient past. Since then humans have constantly rebelled against God for their own evil desires. The american society which claims to be the most liberal society and beat their chest about their freedom given to women has actually degraded the dignity of women. US is one of the top countries with highest rape cases. It has brought more destruction to the womens dignity and honour. Their experiment against the rules of God has miserably failed. Now again we come down here with new idea to rebel against God.
    We have found remarkable ways to org incite his anger and ways to lead the society astray. We fail to realise the more we rebel the more it is harmful for us.

    A child who is so small that couldn’t even decide his ambitions for life, some fanatics are forcing them to undergo an education that is not appropriate for their age. Now some people would comeup and speak that it is a step towards a better society. How can the humans decide what is better for them??

    Well let me give you an example. If I manufacture a taperecorder, i write an instruction manual to operate the taperecorder. The manual contains everything for what is bad and good for the taperecorder. No person on the face of earth could say what is good and bad for an object unless that person himsef is the creator of that very object. Likewise humans are created by God and for humans to function properly, God has sent down the manuals from time to time. We should understand this fact? and be submissive to God rather being rebellious.

    Hope the above is satisfactory.

    Best Regards

    Bushra khan

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