Swat – Land of Peace NOT Terrorists’ Den

I want to tell Malala Yousafzai and the whole world that this is Swat. This is the land of peace and lovely people NOT the land of terrorists. This one picture can explain, what is the standard of education for girls in Swat. Swat Govt School
This is a current picture of a Band of girls performing in a government school.

Last week I visited Swat for a training program. I visited many schools (Government & private) and found very good standard of education for boys and girls. Not only education, but there are many co-curricular and extra curricular activities for students.

Malala got the Nobel prize for portraying negative image of Pakistan.
Malala told the international community that girls are not allowed to go to school, proper rights are not given to them, there are terrorists in Swat, etc.

But she didn’t tell about the school in which she was enrolled is one of the biggest Orphanage of the world where orphans and other children get education. She didn’t highlight this achievement of Swat.

She didn’t tell that in every government school there are many students and Scouts who have achieved gold medals in different national competitions and have also participated in international events.

She didn’t mention that the students of Swat have so much potential that a school going student also works to earn along with getting education.

This is the level of Swat that I have seen with my own eyes.
There are many other things as well, other than terrorism.

Please don’t portray negative image of our country.

Salman Alam Khan, A Pakistani writes from Swat


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