Horrible Tale of Mukti Bahni Bestialities

There is no denying the fact that the infamous Mukti Bahini force that was created by India for dismemberment of Pakistan, committed heinous crimes/genocide against innocent civilians from amongst Pakistani and non-Bengali population before the East Pakistan debacle.

During a study of the information released by official circles, off the record and with confidentiality, details of the names of Mukti Bahini terrorists have come to the fore along with their bestialities. Here is a glimpse of the details of atrocities committed by Mukti Bahini terrorists against innocent civilians/Pakistanis are given in the following lines.

Mohammad Azizur Rahman, Advocate s/o Akimuddin, resident of Mohammadpur Union Council No II, PS Thakurgaon, Dinajpur, organized killing, looting and burning of houses of innocent people in village Thakurgoan in which 3000 people were killed. Not only that, in the series of brutalities led by Rahman, young girls were abducted and raped and those pregnant were bayoneted while still -born babies were torn to pieces and corpses were dragged naked along the streets.

Rahman s/o Mishratulla Mondol, Village Armotta, PS Adamdighi was involved in instigating the absconders of East Pakistan Rifles to rebel and kill all the West Pakistani officers and men.

Shah Mehtab Ahmed, Advocate s/o Haji Serajuddin Shah, Village Uttar Palashbari, PS Chirr-bandar, Distt Dinajpur, organized resistance against Pakistan Army in his constituency. He also led a bloody drive that resulted in the killing of more than 2000 innocent people including old men, women and children. He also instigated Awami League volunteers to unleash mass rapes followed by killings of raped victims.

Mujibur Bogra was one amongst the most ferocious lot as he organized Santahar Awami League miscreants and incited them to commit women rape followed by their naked parade before being shot dead. Many people were burnt alive and over 15000 dead bodies were left open in the streets.

M.A. Gafur s/o Jonab Ali, Dharmasave Cross Road, Khulna Town, organized paramilitary training camp in Khulna . He was also involved in plotting and assisting murders and arsons in Crescent Jute Mills Khalispar and Star Jute Mills Chandimahal in which approximately 5,000 innocent persons were killed and a large number of houses were destroyed in these incidents.

Mustafizur Rahman Siddiqi s/o Haji Mohammad Hussain Chowdhary, Village South Rahmantnagar , PS Sitakund, District Chittagong, organized a slaughter house in the office of the defunct Awami League where men, women and children were systematically massacred; in many cases blood was drained through syringes ostensibly for the blood bank of the so called ‘Bangla Desh’. He also organized bands of defunct Awami League volunteers who went on the rampage, looting and massacring and setting fire to entire colonies in the main town as well as in the outlying areas in which thousands of innocent people were put to death.

Motahar Hossain Talukdar s/o Nazimuddin Talukdar, Liaqat Ali Road , Sirajganj, Pabna, indulged in looting of District Treasury Pabna to the tune of 35,700,000 (35.7 Million). He also took away two railway engines with passenger bogies along with looted food-grain and transported it across the border to India from a place called Ishradi.

By Mian Saifur Rehman


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