Whither Human Rights

In speeches and press conferences, America is tells the world of her love for human rights. Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed during the past 15 years in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria, including hundreds killed in Tribal Areas of Pakistan. That, perhaps, doesn’t involve human rights because the men, women, children and infants killed are mostly Muslim and countries are far away from America.

But what goes on in America itself, do the coloured Americans have any right or they also don’t belong to the category enlisted by US Administration as “Human Beings”?

Every now and then black Americans are beaten / tortured / killed. Only in this year 123 black Americans have been killed after torture. Recent killing of 2 black Americans within few days evoked large scale protests and, as reaction to raid and torturing by Police, 5 Police officer were shot down.
Please click on the link below to see 2 black American women being badly beaten by Police Officers. This is only one of the many cases which are a routine.

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