Who Says Women are Oppressed in Muslim Countries

The message is quite clear. If you want to run a restaurant or food business in Punjab,ayesha-mumtaz-talk-after-takingover-pig-meat-selling-in-lahore you have to provide the best quality of food to the consumers and there is no way you can get away with the punishment for your negligence because the Dabang lady Ayesha Mumtaz is out to fix all the eateries in the province.
Director Operations Punjab Food Authority Ayesha Mumtaz is getting praise from all sides (almost) for the last few months as she has been raiding the restaurants and hotels in Lahore without any discrimination on the basis of size, status and reputation of the business or its owner. From Pearl Continental to Avari and from Hardee’s to the famous Mian Jee restaurant on GT Road, everyone is on the hit-list of the Dabang lady. You’re either clean or doomed. There’s no third option.
(Note: “Dabang” means Honest and Brave)

Woman Commandos in Pakistan Air Force
PAF Commandos

PAkistan International Airlines Air Crew
PIA Crew

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