Pains Linked To Emotional Stress

One of the things that Western medicine practice has unfortunately widely ignored is the connection between your body and your mind, spirit, and emotions. Human beings often experience connections between the physical and emotional, but a lot of us just aren’t paying attention. Start your journey to true holistic health by watching for these signs.
1. Pain In Your Head
Pain in your head, like headaches, can be caused by stresses of the day. Take some time to relax and ease the stress every day
2. Pain In Your Neck
If you feel pain in your neck, you may have trouble forgiving others or yourself. If you’re feeling neck pain, consider the things you love about people.
3. Pain In Your Shoulders
Shoulder pain may indicate that you’re carrying a heavy emotional burden. That’s where the saying “shouldering a problem” comes from. Focus in on some proactive problem solving and distributing some of that burden to other people in your life.
4. Pain In Your Upper Back
Upper back pain means you don’t have enough emotional support. You may feel unloved and unwanted. If you’re single, this may mean it’s time to go out on a date or two.
5. Pain In Your Lower Back
Lower back pain might mean you’re too worried about money. It may be a good time to ask for that overdue raise or consider a financial planner.
6. Pain In Your Elbows
Elbow pain speaks to your resistance to change in your life. If you have stiff arms, you may have a stiff life as well. Make compromises and shake things up a little bit.
7. Pain In Your Hands
Hand pain means you may not be reaching out to others in the way you should be. Consider making new friends, having lunch with a co-worker, and making a new connection.
8. Pain In Your Hips
Hip pain means you’re too scared of moving. Sore hips could indicate that you’re resistant to moving on and changing. You might be too cautious when making decisions.
9. Pain In The Knees
Knee pain can be a sign that your ego is a little too big and that you’re thinking of yourself a little too highly. Humble yourself. Spend some time volunteering. Remember, you’re mortal

Things to remember in life

1. The past cannot be changed
2. The Opinions don’t define your reality
3. Every one’s journey is different
4. Things always get better with time
5. Judgments are confession of character
6. Over thinking will lead to sadness
7. Happiness is found within
8 .Positive thoughts create positive things
9. Smiles are contagious
10. Kindness is free
11. You fail if you quit
12. What goes around comes around

Domestic Methodology

A lady to her husband: Avoid giving too many clothes for laundry.
Husband: What happened?
Wife: The maid won’t be coming for work for a couple of days.
Husband: Why?
Wife: She’s going to see her granddaughter over to her daughters place over the Ganesh Chaturthi holidays.
Husband: Alright, I’ll keep that in mind.
Wife: Before I forget, how about we offer her a festive bonus? Rs. 500?
Husband: But why? Diwali is around the corner, why don’t we just give her the money then?
Wife: Oh, no… She’s a poor lady, works as a domestic help. She’s going to see her daughter. With her meagre income, how would she be able to enjoy a good holiday? Poor thing!
Husband: There you go! Getting overly sentimental again!
Wife: Don’t worry about the money; let’s cancel our plan for pizza for dinner tonight. No point wasting money over eight slices of stale bread.
Husband: Great! So now we have to give up on our pizza night so the maid can get a bonus?!
Three days later, when the maid is back at work, the lady’s husband asked her.
Husband: So, how was your holiday?
Maid: It was wonderful, sir. Didi had given me 500 as a festive bonus that added to the joy.
Husband: I heard you went over to your daughters place. Met your granddaughter?
Maid: Yes, sir. I had such a great time. We spent 500, all of it in just two days.
Husband: What did you buy with that money?
Maid: I bought my granddaughter a shirt for Rs. 150 and a doll for Rs. 40, sweets for my daughter and to offer at the temple for Rs. 50, each, spent Rs. 60 on the rent, bought my daughter bangles for Rs. 25, and a nice belt for my son in law for Rs. 50. We spent the rest of the money buying notebooks and stationery for my granddaughter.
Husband: All that for Rs. 500?
In a shocked state he started thinking and seeing pizza in his head.
Each piece of the pizza started buzzing in his head. He started comparing the pizza’s price with the maid’s festive expenses over her family.
He started imagining each piece of the pizza as different things she bought for her family like kids dress, sweets, rent, the bangles she bought, the belt she bought for her son in law, the books and pencil she bought.
He had only imagined the delicious part of the pizza, he had never thought of the other plain and dry part of it and today because of his maid he could understand the other part of the coin or the pizza. A simple 8 pieced pizza taught some reality of life.
This incident made him realize the meaning of “Spending to live not live to spend”.