Sound that Keeps Resounding Around Globe

There is only one sound that keeps sounding all over the world.
May it be day or night, may it be spring, summer, autumn or winter, may it be dry hot weather or freezing cold, it keeps resounding, and hearing it the followers get moving (for prayers).

It is the sound . . . . . Allah o Akbar . . . . . Allah o Akbar
. . . . . . . . . . (God is The Greatest . . . . God is The Greatest)

It sounds about an hour and a half before sunrise in Indonesia for the early morning prayer known as ‘Fajar Prayer’. Leading the sun, it keeps resounding in Malaysia, Bangla Desh, India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Gulf States, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Palestine, Europe, UK, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and other countries in Africa and reaches Morocco. By that time, it has been sounded for the Mid-day Prayer in Indonesia.

After Morocco when the call for Early morning prayer is sounded in New York (USA), the call for After-noon Prayer sounds in Indonesia. And during this time the call for Mid-day Prayer has sounded in the countries to west of Indonesia and East of New York according to their times of the day.

When call for the Early Morning Prayer sounds in California (USA), call for the Prayer after sunset had been sounded in Indonesia, in the mean time in some countries calls for Mid-day Prayers have been sounded while in some other countries calls for After-noon Prayer have been sounded.

Before the call for Early Morning Prayer is sounded in Hawaii, the call for the Last Evening Prayer is sounded in Indonesia while in some countries call for Prayer after Sunset, in some other call for After-noon Prayer and in still some other countries for Mid-day Prayer has been sounded.

After Hawaii, the call for the Early Morning Prayer is sounded in Australia then in Japan then Philippines, after which the call for Early Morning Prayer of the next day is sounded in Indonesia.

Soob-han Allah wa be Hamdeh (Hallelujah, Praise be to God)

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