Woman of Pakistan in Guinness Book

The slogan of so-called Free world about veiled Muslim women of Pakistan has been bellied. They are working in all fields of life shoulder to shoulder with men in medical, engineering, administration, judiciary, army, air force, teaching, and what not. Some have left the US and Europe people wondering by fly commercial and fighter planes while they wear Hijab (they are veiled Muslim women).

Some female pilots are flying in PIA (Pakistan International Airlines), even as Captain. One can also see few females taking training in flying schools. But a female pilot’s biggest achievement, in my opinion, is flying fighter jets in Pakistan Air Force, just as their male counter parts do.

Being female pilots, they have been able to qualify and fulfill the most stringent requirements of a fighter pilot, that is, high ‘g’ maneuvers and other physically and emotionally stressful exercises like interceptions and dog fights etc.

Female fighter pilots have been able to break not only the sound barrier but the psychological barrier (in Pakistan) as well that flying fighter aircraft is the exclusive preserve of men.

On the top is Captain Pilot Shahnaz Laghari who is the World’s first Hijab wearing pilot. She can fly an aeroplane all by herself. Not only has this but she do it while fully covered in veil.

She is the only one in the World who has her name in The Guinness Book of World Record as the First Veiled Pilot. This shows that if one is determined, anything can be achieved and that also by staying within the boundaries of the religion.

This is not all but she is striving for the rights of women in Pakistan. She is serving the women of Pakistan by opening free education centers and sewing centers for poor women in Pakistan.

She participated in General Elections 2013 in Pakistan as an independent candidate from Lahore NA–122. The electoral symbol allotted to her was a cow.

This really is an enormous achievement for a lady as Pakistani culture is considered to be male dominant and it is said that women are highly discouraged to engage in many activities.

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