Hitler did not commit suicide. Fled with US help

Did one of the world’s most terrible dictators, Adolf Hitler, really commit suicide in 1945?

According to the official version of events (by Allies of World War II against Germany), Hitler and his wife Eva Braun committed suicide in their underground bunker on April 30, 1945. Hitler died of a gunshot to the head, while Braun consumed a cyanide pill. Their bodies were then taken outside and burned by staff, before being deposited in a shallow grave.

But according to a report in Huffington Post UK, one Abel Basti of the Instituto Florencio Varela in Argentina, claims that the United States helped Hitler escape to South America so that he would not fall into the hands of the Soviet Union.

Basti, who has written extensively on the dictator, says, “There was an agreement with the US that Hitler would run away and that he shouldn’t fall into the hands of the Soviet Union. This also applies to many scientists, the military and spies who later took part in the struggle against the Soviet regime.”

The historian believes Hitler exited the bunker beneath the Chancellery in Berlin via a tunnel, which took him to Tempelhof Airport, from where a helicopter took him to Spain. From Spain, he traveled to the Canary Islands and then to Argentina in a U-boat.

Hitler spent a decade in Argentina before moving to Paraguay, claims Basti. The former Fuhrer (Hitler) died there on February 3, 1971. Basti further claims that Hitler was buried in an underground bunker, which is now an elegant hotel in the city of Asuncion. About 40 people attended the burial.

Basti’s theory of Hitler’s escape and route to freedom has been backed by veteran CIA agent Bob Baer.
Baer and his team appeared on History Channel in January, 1971, and analysed 700 pages of declassified information, with one stating, “American Army officials in Germany have not located Hitler’s body nor is there any reliable source that Hitler is dead.”

In 2009, American researchers claimed that DNA tests on a fragment of Hitler’s supposed skull showed that it actually belonged to a woman. The skull with a hole in it was supposedly taken away by the Russians and went on display in Moscow in 2000, where it was considered irrefutable proof of Hitler’s suicide. The only bodily remains of the Fuhrer which have been accepted as authentic, is a piece of his lower jaw possessed by the Russians.

Recent investigations for a television show by former CIA operative Bob Baer and Tim Kennedy, who were involved in capturing Al Qaeda leaders Osama Bin Laden and Abu al-Zarqawi, has opened up the possibility for an alternative version of history. A document contained in 14,000 declassified documents, which sourced from British intelligence claimed that just a day before April 29, 1945 (the assumed day of Hitler commiting suicide), he was flown out of Berlin by Luftwaffe pilot Captain Peter Baumgart.

Also, investigators unearthed an earlier unknown fifth exit from Hitler’s bunker, which lead to a space large enough to be a makeshift runway.

Another document claimed that an SS officer had spotted Hitler in Denmark, before changing planes to his destination, according to the report. Evidence of a military-style compound in Argentina where Hitler may have stayed, was also discovered in the investigation.

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Daily Mail Online Published January 15, 2017

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