Massacre of Muslims, Loot and Arson

Weapons were withdrawn from all Muslims in army and Police while all Hindus and Sikhs were allowed to retain their weapons. On June 3, 1947, Lord Mountbatten announced the Partition Plan on basis of districts, triggering unprecedented acts of communal violence, especially in Bengal and Punjab. Armed trained groups of Rashtariya Sevak Sang, Hindu Maha Sabha and Akali Dal started killing Muslims, looting their houses and abducting young women & girls.
Riots first started in Amritsar followed by Lahore, Delhi, and Calcutta. This made clear that the plan was in the knowledge of Hindus, and to render Muslims defenceless, weapons from Muslims in the army and police had been withdrawn. Violence climaxed with the start of August 1947.
It was only on August 17, 1947, that the Punjab Boundary Award was finally made public which further aggravated the communal violence. During the following months until October 1947, the province of Punjab was the scene of numerous mass killings of Muslims.

Riots of 1947
Only a few scenes of what happed to Muslims during riots of 1947 in pictures which were published in British press.

This is how Muslims ousted from their houses and lands had to travel to Pakistan.

Ousted Muslims near railway stations waited for several days or weeks

Ousted Muslims, travelling on foot and Bullock Carts, resting for a while on way to Pakistan

picture 4 – This is how Muslims ousted from their houses & lands travelled because every month only 1 or 2 trains headed for Pakistan. Shown 2 trains fully packed inside and on top while they will go with a gap of 2 to 4 weeks.

Trains carrying Muslims to Pakistan from different Provinces of India were attacked and they were killed. Trains reached Lahore Railway station full of blood, corpses and few badly injured people.

A scene of a small railway station in India from where the train passed carrying Muslims to Pakistan

Dead bodies of Muslims which were thrown in the river reached Pakistan

Dead bodies of Muslims slaughtered in India were buried in numerous mass graves

According to Australian newspaper of 25th September, 1947, 3,000 Muslims were massacred in one train in India.

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