Are You Educated ?

Today, I address all those who are literate and think that they are Muslims. I have not used the word “educated” purposely. Now, please do not make a futile effort to throw it back on to me because when you read it, “I” will become “you” and “you” will become “I”.

Have you applied, in practical life, what you learned at school / college / university where you studied ?
was that only for collecting testimonials (degrees) so that you can make money ?

Being Muslim, you must have read Qur’aan Shareef, did you understand what it says and did you apply it on yourself in your practical life ?
If, truthfully, your answer is:
“No” to the first question means that you are not educated because you didn’t learn anything at school / college / university only memorised.

“No” to the second question means that you are Muslim only by name.

So, please, try to become an educated Muslim before you expect others to be so

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