The Bosses – 3rd installment

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“It’s surprising to me just how willing leaders are to really undermine group success in favor of their own power.

In one experiment these leaders paired the highly skilled person with a work partner who the leaders knew would not like or get along well with his skilled colleague. In another experiment they made this individual work alone in a room, even after being told that working closely with teammates would improve performance.

“It’s surprising to me just how willing leaders are to really undermine group success in favor of their own power,” Maner says. “These talented, highly skilled group members are in one of the best positions to help the group succeed. But rather than being seen as a valuable ally, they’re instead seen as a threat by leaders who are afraid of losing their power.”

Islamabad after Rain

People from other countries, after visiting Islamabad, often refer to it as ‘Islamabad The Beautiful’.
Here are some pictures taken during first week of April, 2017 that show how Islamabad looks during and after rain

Clouds in Islamabad

An Ordinary Street in Islamabad

Fatima Jinnah Park only 310 meters from my house

Centaurus Shopping Mall 500 meters from my house

Kohsar Road

Daman e KoH (ٖFoothills) – 4 Kilometers (2.5 miles) from my house

View of Islamabad from Daman e Koh

Road to Monal, A Restaurant at Top of the Hills above Daman e Koh

View of Islamabad from Monal at Night

Jinnah Sports Stadium and Rawal Lake – Four Miles from my House

Metro Bus Station near my House

A View of Margalla Hills

An Interesting Management Lesson.

A father left 17 Cows as an Asset for his 3 Sons.
After death of father, his sons opened the will.
The Will stated that the Eldest son should get Half of 17 Cows,
The Middle Son should be given 1/3rd of 17 Cows,
Youngest Son should be given 1/9th of the 17 Cows,
Noth being able to divide 17 either by 2 or 3 or 9, the sons decided to go to a wise man.
The wise man read the Will, paused for a few minutes and then one camel of his cows to make 18 cows.
Then he said, “1/2 of 18 is 9. 1/3 of 18 is 6, and 1/9 of 18 is 2”.
So, he gave 9 cows to the eldest son, 6 cows to the middle son, 2 cows to the youngest son.
9+6+2 = 17
Thus, one cow was left, so the wise man took away his own cow.

To reach a solution, the first step is to believe that there is a solution. This will eliminate heart-burning and dispute which generally occurs among siblings when they think that there is no solution.