Finding the Best Leaders (The Bosses – 5th installment)

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There is also the question of finding leaders who are more interested in receiving prestige and respect than having power. This is a particular challenge since many people who desire power tend to self-select into positions of leadership, while prestige-motivated workers may be happier working in less flashy positions.

“A real trick for organizations is to identify who those people are and raise them up into positions of leadership, whether or not they ask for it, because they might not always be as inclined as power-hungry people are to seek high-status positions in their organization,” Maner says.

But Maner cautions against seeing these prestige-motivated leaders as a cure-all. “Our work has painted a pretty magnanimous portrait of prestige-oriented leaders,” Maner says, “but I think that’s probably an oversimplification.”
In future research, he hopes to explore how prestige-motivated leaders make decisions when forced to choose between what will make the group happy and what is best for the organization.

“We have some preliminary evidence that they will undermine the goals of the group if it means maintaining prestige within the eyes of their subordinates,” he says.

In the end, the goal of his research is to help organizations function smoothly and productively.
“The ultimate goal here is to figure out how to help groups perform better,” he says. “That means selecting better leaders and bringing out the best in leaders. By understanding the motives that might drive leaders to behave in ways that hurt their organization, we’re better armed to combat those behaviors.

An Engineer’s Revenge

An engineer was removing the engine parts from a car when he saw a famous heart surgeon in his shop.
Engineer went to the heart surgeon and said, “Look at this engine, I opened its heart, took the valves out, repaired and put them back”.
So why do I get such a small salary and you get huge sums ?”
The doctor smiled at the engineer and came close to engineer’s ear and said, “Try the same when the engine is running.”

The engineer smiled back, came close to doctors ear and said, “I can pick any dead engine and make it alive, can you ??? And Doctor do not forget that all your instruments and machines have been designed and got manufactured by enginers.”

12 Years of My Blog in Urdu

With the grace of God All Mighty, today my blog in Urdu has completed it hilarious 12 years of life.
I had started my this blog in English on 09-09-2004. Later, I started writing also in Urdu but occasionally.
On 05 May, 2005, I started a separate blog for Urdu with the title “What Am I”. When I had started the blog in Urdu, I had no hope of attracting readers and thought that my blog in Urdu will not survive more than a few months. However, no human being can predict the future. It is only God Who knows everything and that when will something happen.

In 12 years, I wrote 2485 posts in my Urdu blog.

My Urdu blog has so far been visited by 405225 persons from all over the world.
My 2 post have been read by at least 57550 persons
My 9 post have been read by at least 14200 persons
My 23 post have been read by at least 11250 persons
My 40 post have been read by at least 7050 persons
My 58 post have been read by at least 6000 persons
My 100 post have been read by at least 3150 persons
My 200 post have been read by at least 57550 persons
My 300 post have been read by at least 2700 persons
My 400 post have been read by at least 2500 persons
My 500 post have been read by at least 2350 persons
My 600 post have been read by at least 2250 persons
My 700 post have been read by at least 2150 persons
My 900 post have been read by at least 1950 persons