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8 thoughts on “1a.My Contact

  1. Delighted to know that you are also Bhopal
    What you desire to know about me please ?
    On my blog on top of the front page below title, if you click on page “3B WHY BHOPAL?”, you can read something about my encestors. Then by clicking one by one on 1A, 2A to 2F, you can know something about me.
    Now may I know some details about you please?

  2. I am impressed Uncle Ajmal.. u may have never met me in person but I’m pretty sure that U know me… My Uncle told me about your web address and here I am writing to u.
    Allah Hafiz

  3. Hello Mr Ajmal,

    My forefather is also from Qila Sobha Singh and my dad quite often tell us about the place. We live in Delhi now but I would like to know more about the place. If you come across may sketch pictures or map please forward it to me. My father will be really happy to see them.


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