1b.My Profile

Islamabad, Pakistan

Reading, writing, human service and web surfing

Favorite Books
Bang-e-Dara, Zarb-e-Kaleem, Baal-e-Jibrael, Gulistaan-e-Saadi, Books on History and Morality, Scientific Research Articles and Narration of expeditions and Hunting

B.Sc. Mechanical Engineering, Lahore, 1962 (Annual)
Member, Institution of Engineers and Technicians, London, 1975.
Incorporated Engineer, England, 1976.
Life Fellow, Institution of Engineers, Pakistan, 1976.
Professional Engineer, Pakistan, 1977.

Work Study Techniques Course (1965)
Advanced Administration and Development (1974-75)
Operations Research and Quantitative Techniques (1986)
Strategic Planning / Management (1990)

Several technical papers on the subjects of planning, production, training and management had been written. The five liked most were:

1. Triangle of Supervision (about management)
2. Small Arms through Centuries (about evolution and development of small arms)
3. Bani Israel and State Israel
4. Tea, its History and Uses
5. Freedom Movement of Jammu Kashmir


Letter of appreciation on Good performance by Chairman of the organization

Commendation Certificate with appreciation from the President of Pakistan on establishment of a high class Computer Training Centre at a low cost.

1. New Design of Machine Gun Barrel – Barrels of all Rifles and Machine Guns had grooved bore. German Machine Gun bore was being hard-chrome platted to increase it’s life from 6,000 to 12,000 rounds. Hard-chrome plating was not only costly but a tedious job also. Added problem for Pakistan was that the German company that was carrying out hard-chrome plating was not ready to transfer it’s technology to any one. This became a challenge not only for me but my country Pakistan also. I worked day and night on it for a few months. With the grace of Allah Soob-hanohoo wa Ta’ala I was able to give a new idea to the world, “Polygon Profile Bore” and no hard-chrome plating. This, not only increased the life of barrel to 18,000 rounds, but also reduced cost of barrel production to about half by doing away with costly hard-chrome-plating and up to 25% rejection during rejection hard-chrome-plating. German company, M/s Rheinmetall who had given to Pakistan technology for production of German Machine Gun, also adopted the Polygon Profile, invented by the writer of this blog, for German Army.

2. Planning, negotiations with foreign firms Development and production of precision parts
3. Preparation of feasibility reports for establishment of manufacturing organizations
4. Establishment of a state of the art Technical Training Institute
5. Planning, establishment & running of a high class computer training centre
6. Development and implementation of computerized inventory management system
7. Study, sifting, scrutiny and analysis of rules and procedures, and their systematic review.
8. Proficient in computer operation of Lotsuite, Windows XP, MS Office 2003


Pakistan Engineering Council
Member, Executive Committee (1989 – 1990 & 1994 -1996)
Member, Admin & Finance Committee (1989 – 1990 & 1994 – 1996)
Inspector of Examinations (1989 – 1990 & 1994 – 1996)
Member, Accreditation Committee (1994 – 1996)
Chief Co-ordinator, Seminars (1994 – 1996)
Convenor, Drafting & Planning Committee (1994 – 1996)

Institution of Engineers Pakistan
Member Central Council (1984 – 1986 & 1988 – 1990)
Chairman, Wah Sub-Centre (1984 – 1992)
Vice-Chairman, Rawalpindi / Islamabad Centre (1986 – 1988; 1998 – 2000)

Lecturer at Polytechnic Institute (1962 to 1963)
Assistant Works Manager (1963 to 1969)
Production Manager (1969 to1976)
Adviser to Libyan Government & Honorary Chief Coordinator between Libya and Pakistan (1976 to 1983)
Principal, Technical Training Institute (1983 to 1985)
General Manager, MIS & Director, Computer Training Centre (1985 to 1992)
Director POF Welfare Trust (1992 to 1994)
Chief Coordinator Engineering & Chairman Mechanical Engineering, Al-Khair University (1996 to 1999)
Honorary service to different welfare organizations for over 20 years up to end 2005
Currently living retired life in Islamabad

HISTORY. I was born in Jammu Tawi, the winter capital of state Jammu Kashmir. We were forced to migrate to Pakistan after August, 1947.
(For details, please see other pages)

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    • غلام ربانی صاحب ۔ السلام علیکم و رحمۃ اللہ
      میں عام طور پر سپیم کا فوڈر دیکھا نہیں کرتا کیونکہ آجکل سپیم بہت آتی ہے ۔ آج اتفاق سے دیکھا تو آپ کا مطالبہ نظر آیا ۔ آپ کس سلسے میں میرا ٹیلیفون نمبر لینا چاہتے ہیں ؟

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