Enemy Better than Hypocrite

There is marked difference between Hypocrisy and Enmity.

Hypocrite is an enemy under the garb of a friend or a well-wisher.

One can know an enemy with little or more effort but it is very difficult (some times impossible) to detect a Hypocrite.

Thus, Hypocrite is much more dangerous person than enemy.

A Monument to Hypocrisy

I have been a reader of Edward Said and consider him a superb journalist / writer. Some years back, while surfing, I, by chance, had opened “Al-Ahram Weekly On-line, 13 – 19 February 2003” which had Edward Said’s article that some how I had missed. But it was right in time for me. Only this link is good for today. So here it is : “Every one of us must raise our voices, and march in protest, now and again and again”, writes Edward Said. To read this article click on Edward Said written in green.

Practical Aspects of Hypocrisy

Before I go in to practical side of Hypocrisy, let me make it clear that, a person forced to do something against his / her belief and wish, should not be taken as hypocrite.

From the practical aspect, hypocrisy may be divided in to following categories.

In which the Hypocrite tries:
a) to gain monetary benefit or reputation and nobody loses.
b) to gain at the cost of another who deserved it.
c) to gain good reputation by defaming one or more persons.
d) to pretend helping a person or administering justice but actually not doing so.
e) to behave as faithful for personal gain only.
f) to defame other(s) only out of vindictiveness.
g) to gain only momentary pleasure in making fool of other(s)

Base or Root of Hypocrisy

Hypocrisy takes its root from (or the base of Hypocrisy is) “telling lie” (not telling the truth or distorting the truth). I do not contribute to the idea given by few people that some types of hypocrites are honest. This way, even criminals are honest. For example, thieves distribute the booty among themselves honestly. Should we call them honest?

On the same analogy, they can say that some of the liars are honest. There is no doubt about the fact that a liar does not always tell lies; he also speaks truth but lies to gain some self benefit.

In my opinion, being truthful is a prerequisite to being honest.

Coming back to the root / base of Hypocrisy, “telling lies”, it so happens that, for some personal gain, a person hides the facts or coins a lie while acting as a truthful / honest / trustworthy person, thus, commits hypocrisy and becomes a liar at the same time.

Hence, hypocrisy always includes a lie or when there is no lie, there is no hypocrisy. Please exclude stage performers and movie actors out of it because I do not want to get involved in unending controversy