US Presumption

By: Paul Craig Roberts, Former assistant secretary of the US Treasury and Associate Editor of the Wall Street Journal.

The new president of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro, is cast in Chavez’s mould.

Obama, who has betrayed democracy in America, unleashing execution on American citizens without due process of law and war without the consent of Congress, provoked Maduro’s response by suggesting that Maduro’s newly elected government might be fraudulent. Obviously, Obama is piqued that the millions of dollars his administration spent trying to elect an American puppet instead of Maduro failed to do the job.

If anyone has accurately summed up Washington, it is the Venezuelans. Who can forget Chevez standing at the podium of the UN General Assembly in New York City speaking of George W. Bush? Quoting from memory: “Right here, yesterday, at this very podium stood Satan himself, speaking as if he owned the world. You can still smell the sulphur.”

Hegemonic Washington threw countless amounts of money into the last Venezuelan election, doing its best to deliver the governance of that country to a Washington puppet called Henrique Capriles. Why isn’t this puppet arrested for treason? Why are not the Washington operatives against an independent country ordered to leave Venezuela immediately or arrested and tried for spying and high treason? Why allow any presence of Washington in Venezuela when it is clear that Washington’s intention is to make Venezuela a puppet state?

There was a time when the US left-wing and a no longer extant liberal media would have been all over the US for its illegal interference in the internal affairs of an independent country. But no more.

I think the American left-wing lost its confidence when the Soviet Union collapsed and the Chinese communists and Indian socialists turned capitalist. Everyone misread the situation, especially the ‘end of history’ idiots. The consequence is a world without strong protests of Washington’s and its puppet states’ war criminal military aggressions, murder, destruction of civil liberty and human rights, and transparent propaganda.

But hardly anyone cares. The western governments and Japan are all paid off and bought, and those that are not bought are begging to be bought because they want the money too. Truth, integrity, these are all dead-letter words. No one any longer knows what they mean.

George W Bush said, in Orwellian double-speak, they hate us for our freedom and democracy. They don’t hate us because we bomb them, invade them, kill them, destroy their way of life, culture, and infrastructure. They hate us because we are so good.

Washington and Israel present the world with unmistakable evil. I don’t need to stand at the UN podium after Bush or Obama.

Homeland Security has ‘crisis actors’ to help it deceive the public in its false flag operations. The Obama regime has drones with which to silence US citizens without due process of law.

Are Americans so completely ignorant that they believe this is all for ‘terrorists’ whose sparse numbers require the FBI to manufacture ‘terrorists’ in so-called ‘sting operations’ in order to justify the FBI’s $3 billion special fund from Congress to combat domestic terrorism?

This is the kind of country American has become. This is the kind of ‘security’ agencies it has, filling their pockets by destroying the lives of the innocent and downtrodden.

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