Muslim Phobia

A Muslim Arab family lived in USA. The head of family had retired from service and his only son was working. Company of the son posted him to another state for a few months. The son telephoned his father every evening asking about his welfare.
One day father told his son that he wanted to sow potatoes in the lawn but being old and weak can’t dig the ground. Next day after breakfast, the father saw a text message in his cell phone that read,
“The things are buried in the lawn so please keep an eye”.
The old man got puzzled, what things?
Suddenly it came to his mind, could it be weapons? And he got scared.
Before he could make up his mind, he heard screeching noise of vehicles stopping near his house.
Then he heard many men in his lawn and thuds.
He peeped through the window and saw armed police officers surrounding the lawn and several men digging the lawn. After 15 – 20 minutes they left.
The old man was more confused but didn’t know what to do.
In the evening he received telephone call from his son as usual.
Father told his son about the text message and police action in the lawn.
His son laughed and said, “Dad, I had got fed up of being followed by CIA and FBI agents, so I thought of making good use of it and sent that text message to you last night to get the lawn ploughed for you to sow potatoes”.

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